Heavenly Bath Products Made from God's Good Earth

Men's Products

Even grown men need products to baby their skin...  

Aloe Aftershave Gel calms, cools and moisturizes face without oils.  In three slap-in-the-face, mentholated scents.

Gentle, Man-Scented Soaps with rich lather; won't dry skin:

Hemp Soaps- Our gentlest: Sandalwood-Patchouli, Rosemary-Mint, Orange-Patchouli

Olive Oil Soaps- Middle-road cleansing:  Honey-Almond-Orange, Coconut-Lime, Coffee & Cream

Shea Butter Soaps- Most cleansing for after gym or a long day at work: Long Island Beaches, Lemon-Oatmeal

Specialty Soaps- For Rashy (eczema) Skin, For Face: Normal/Dry or Oily/Acne-Prone

Restoring Scalp Oil- Nourishing, flake and itch-fighting pre-shampoo oil

Scalp Fertilizer- Feed your scalp and see what grows!  Rosemary Oil combined with scalp-healthy ingredients restore optimal health to scalp

Shampoo Bar for Itchy Scalp- High-lather bar calms scalp naturally 

Good Earth Natural Deodorant- Absorbs perspiration and neutralizes odor with no aluminum or other toxins

Bug Off! Sticks- All-natural insect repellant in a roll-up tube

Inked Tattoo Balm- Restore old and protect new skin art

Rash Relief Stick Balm- Spot-treat itchy, rashy patches on hands, arms, legs...

Skin on Skin Balm- For groin, between toes and areas prone to fungal infection

Gift Sets- Choose a set for yourself or as a gift with assorted products to please: Soaps, Aftershave, Lip Balm, Shower Steamers, Body Butter




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Wood Soap Dishes
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