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Clean Kokum & Calendula Moisture Mousse-LightWith premium oils including Calendula- Infused Jojoba, this formulation is whipped, light and luxurious.  Softens and hydrates skin naturally.  In Lavender Garden, Orange and Soft Rose.

Body Butter-Light for Rashy Skin- Anti-inflammatory butters & oils target eczema, dermatitis, and other skin irritations.

Magnesium Body Lotion- Magnesium-infused creamy body lotion provides your skin a healthy dose of this mineral.  Optimal magnesium levels help us: relax muscles, sleep soundly, balance hormones, calm anxiety, ease restless legs, reduce headaches...

Luxury Whipped Body Butter- Rich, traditional body butter crafted with skin-healthy butters for ultimate moisturization.  In Lavender or Orange-Tangerine. 

* Not lab tested for effectiveness.  We make no medical claims for these products.

When looking to remove synthetic ingredients from your skincare routine, body butters and lotions are the first thing to change. Leave-on products are absorbed through the dermal layers and do either harm or good...

Get those toxins off your skin!

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