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Not all bath products can be fancy, fragrant and colorful.  Sometimes we need products that perform an important function.  That's why Clean Heart Soap Company studied the properties of multiple oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals to formulate products that meet the needs of these special skin situations...  

* For Rashy, Eczema-Prone Skin- Try Soothing Soap for Rashy Skin, Body Butter for Rashy Skin and Rash Relief Balm Stick

* For Sensitized Skin- Try Bare Naked Coconut Milk Soap

* For Itchy Scalp- Try Shampoo Bar for Itchy Scalp (with Aloe & Coconut Milk) & Restoring Scalp Oil

* For Dry, Sun/Wind & Water Damaged Skin- Try Body Butter for Damaged Skin

* For Yeast/Fungus-Prone Areas- Try Skin on Skin Balm

* To Elevate Magnesium Levels and improve sleep, relax muscles, calm anxiety, balance hormones, reduce headaches, ease restless legs- Try Magnesium Body Lotion

*These products have not been lab tested for effectiveness.  We make no medical claims.

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Restoring Scalp Oil
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Inked Tattoo Balm
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