All Natural, Clean Skincare


Clean Heart Soaps are handcrafted in small batches by hot process method using all-natural, skin-healthy ingredients intentionally chosen for their specific benefits.  All added colorants and scents are natural.  No preservatives, hardeners, chemicals or detergents are used.  Handmade soap retains its natural glycerin, a humectant, which draws moisture to your skin for optimal hydration.  Essential oils are used for their superior fragrance and botanical properties.   

                 * Surprise heart charm in every 5th bar! *

Each soap bar is shrink-wrapped for your safety in eco-friendly, biodegradable film!

Our Three Main Shower Bar Types: 

1) Shea Butter Soap- the most cleansing with a moisturizing lather. 

2) Olive Oil Soap- Slightly gentler, big bubbles and a conditioning, silky lather. 

3) Hemp Oil Soap- Our gentlest formulation with a thick, creamy lather. Moisturizing. Best for dry skin.

Specialty Soaps- For face, eczema-prone, medically treated skin, and itchy scalps.

Perfect Shape Clean Hugs Soap- Rounded on top to fit in palm.  Notched heart shape for easy grip.  Concave bottom to hug limbs and curves.  In five varieties!

Buy 4 Soaps, Get Wood Soap Dish Free!  Add soap dish to cart before checkout. 

Sack of Soaps for variety- Sack includes 5 artisan soaps and a Lip Balm--(We'll Choose)