All Natural, Clean Skincare

Men's Products

Even grown men need products to baby their skin...  

Aloe Aftershave Gel calms, cools and moisturizes face without oils.  In three slap-in-the-face, mentholated scents.

Gentle, Man-Scented Soaps with rich lather; won't dry skin:

Hemp Soaps- Our gentlest: Sandalwood-Patchouli, Rosemary-Mint, Orange-Patchouli

Olive Oil Soaps- Middle-road cleansing:  Honey-Almond-Orange, Coconut-Lime, Coffee & Cream

Shea Butter Soaps- Most cleansing for after gym or a long day at work: Long Island Beaches, Lemon-Oatmeal

Specialty Soaps- For Rashy (eczema) Skin, For Face: Normal/Dry or Oily/Acne-Prone

Restoring Scalp Oil- Nourishing, flake and itch-fighting pre-shampoo oil

Scalp Fertilizer- Feed your scalp and see what grows!  Rosemary Oil combined with scalp-healthy ingredients restore optimal health to scalp

Shampoo Bar for Itchy Scalp- High-lather bar calms scalp naturally 

Good Earth Natural Deodorant- Absorbs perspiration and neutralizes odor with no aluminum or other toxins

Bug Off! Sticks- All-natural insect repellant in a roll-up tube

Inked Tattoo Balm- Restore old and protect new skin art

Rash Relief Stick Balm- Spot-treat itchy, rashy patches on hands, arms, legs...

Skin on Skin Balm- For groin, between toes and areas prone to fungal infection

Gift Sets- Choose a set for yourself or as a gift with assorted products to please: Soaps, Aftershave, Lip Balm, Shower Steamers, Body Butter




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Wood Soap Dishes
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