Heavenly Bath Products Made from God's Good Earth

Gift Boxes

Send a unique gift to delight your Special Someone.  Choose from one of these balanced collections for men, women or everyone----

1) Three Artisan Soaps (6 oz) & One Lip Balm - For Men (we'll choose)

2) Three Artisan Soaps (6 oz) & One Lip Balm - For Women (we'll choose)

3) Three Artisan Soaps (6 oz) & One Lip Balm- For Everyone (we'll choose)

4) For Women: One English Garden Soap (6 oz), One Sandalwood-Rose Sugar Scrub (6 oz) & One Garden Bath Soak (4 oz)

5) For Women: One Lavender Soap (6 oz), One Lavender Body Butter (6 oz), One Lavender Bath Soak (4 oz)

6) Everyone: One Lemon Soap (6 oz), One Lemon Sugar Scrub (6 oz) & One Shower Steamer Pack (2 tabs)

7) For Men: One Orange-Patchouli Soap (6 oz), One Orange Grove Aftershave (4 oz) & One Shower Steamer Pack (2 tabs)

8) For Men: One Mint Soap (6 oz), One Eucalyptus-Mint Aftershave (4 oz), One Mint Shower Steamer Pack (2 tabs)

9) HOLIDAY: One Candy Cane Sugar Scrub (6 oz), One Snowflake Bar Soap (4 oz), One Candy Cane Lip Balm & One Hot Cocoa Candle (2 oz)

10) HOLIDAY: Five Traveling Bath Soaks (4 oz) We'll Choose, One Unscented Candle (2 oz)


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